Client: Dillon J

North Court

Charges: 2 counts PC 220, intent to commit sexual assault during first degree burglary, mandatory life

Result: Plea to 1 count 220 and 1 count of burglary with a reduction to a fixed sentence of 11 years based on drug addiction defense.

Client: Rod M.

West Court.

Case #15WF0481

Charges: H+S 11352(A) H+S 11378 H+S 11350(A) H+S 11351

Result: All charges dismissed based on motion for unlawful search and seizure.

Client: Scott B.

Long Beach Court.

Case # LBNA099024

Charges: PC 243D

Result: All charges dismissed at Prelim

Client: Steve M.

Pomona Court

Case #POMKA114919

Charges: 3 counts of PC 273D(A)- Child abuse

Result: 2 of 3 counts dismissed at Prelim

Client: James B.

Harbor Court

Case #15HM07339

Charges: PC 273.5, PC 243(C)(2), PC 594(A)(B)(1), PC 647F, PC 415(1), PC 148(A)(1)

Result: All felony arrests reduced to misdemeanors with a plea to 415 disturbing the peace.

Client: Dan S.

Case # SWF005189

Charges: PC289

Result: Conviction overturned and rehabilitation granted.e.

Client: Josh Y.

Case #LASPA086644

Charges: 5 counts 288.3(A)

Result: 4 out of 5 counts dismissed, defendant received straight probation on last count