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Leah Naparstek

Leah Naparstk

Professional Experience

Leah Naparstek practices exclusively in the area of criminal defense throughout California. She is an aggressive and talented attorney who represents individuals accused of crimes ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. She is highly knowledgeable in the area of DUI defense and obtains outstanding results in this specialized area of law.

After a lengthy career dedicated to Jewish education and administration, Leah studied law at Abraham Lincoln University of Law where she graduated summa cum laude in 2008 and was bestowed the honor of class valedictorian. Armed with her law degree and license to practice law she vowed to use her knowledge of the law and extensive people skills to continue to help others and to make a positive difference in their lives.

Ms. Naparstek gained valuable insight and experience while working at an immigration law firm throughout her attendance at Law University and for several years after she earned her law degree. Her astute understanding of the law and meticulous attention to details, coupled with her compassionate nature and tireless energy, allowed for many immigrants to realize their dreams of being able to live in the United States.

Leah Naparstek’s lifelong dedication to helping people improve the quality of their lives turned out to be the perfect testing ground for becoming a criminal defense attorney. She believes that a successful advocate for those accused of committing a crime must have more than just knowledge and experience. A good attorney must possess the necessary drive and determination for justice in order to be a true voice for her client’s rights. Ms. Naparstek holds that drive and determination by being tenacious with prosecutors and exacting to the details of a case.

Leah has a wonderful gift of making people feel comfortable and quickly earning their trust. Her diverse background has allowed her to relate to people from all walks of life. Each one of her clients is treated as the most important – because when she works on their case they ARE the most important! She makes herself available day and night and makes sure each client understands that their case is more than just business…. it’s personal for her. Coming from a large family and having raised eight children of her own, Leah understands that criminal charges carry very high stakes for her clients and their families, and she is sensitive and considerate towards them as they face the legal challenges together.

Bar Admissions

California State Courts

US District Court Central District of California

US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

United States Tax Court


California Bar Association

American Bar Association

Los Angeles County Bar Association

San Fernando Valley Bar Association

Criminal Courts Bar Association

Private Defenders of California, Inc.

Our Law Firm

Who are we at Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys? We are a professional criminal defense law firm in Long Beach, CA, that is focused on one thing: winning the best possible outcome to every case we take on and for every client we serve.

When you suddenly find yourself or a loved one arrested and facing a California criminal charge, you can't afford to risk "going it alone," and relying on an over-busy public defender or a lawyer without sufficient experience in the relevant practice area will fail to maximize your chances of winning your case.

At Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys, we bring you decades of combined experience at defending and winning cases just like yours. We have built up a solid reputation over our many years of service to the Long Beach community and surrounding areas of Los Angeles and Southern California.


Our Legal Philosophy IS Our Identity

And our philosophy from the beginning has been (and still is) to put ourselves in each customer's shoes and fight for him/her like we would want to be fought for were our roles reversed.

We always take time to understand your situation, your worries and concerns, and the expectations you have for your criminal defense attorney. From the initial consultation on, we offer you our expert advice and communicate with you promptly every step of the way.

A law firm, ultimately, isn't defined merely by its members roll, physical location, educational background, or even its knowledge gained from hands-on experience. As important as all those things are, its the commitment to serve the best interests of every client and the ability to consistently carry out that commitment that defines us

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

The difference between Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys and so many other law firms in the industry can be seen in the results we obtain for our clients.

We always aim at a dismissal or acquittal as our first option and do everything possible both pre-trial and in-trial to secure a total victory. We know how to file the appropriate pretrial motions efficiently and effectively to help get evidence excluded based on illegal searches/seizures or how to challenge the credibility of witnesses early in the process.

Many times, prosecutors will drop the case or at least come to reasonable terms quickly, as soon as they learn that we will be their opponent.

We have helped numerous residents of Long Beach and other Southern California communities avoid a conviction on DUI, domestic violence, assault and battery, grand or petty theft, and across the full gamut of possible criminal charges. And in many other cases, we have used our well seasoned negotiation skills to obtain charge and/or sentence reductions far more favorable than most other lawyers typically obtain.

And our strong track record is not based on avoiding the "tough cases," like some law firms do, but we reach out to help clients facing everything from low-level misdemeanors to violent felonies, and we take on those facing both first time and repeat offenses.

We Are Not a "Law Mill"

Those of us on the "inside" of the legal defense industry are all too familiar with the term "law mill." It refers to the unfortunate practice of certain unscrupulous law firms of taking on far more clients than they can handle, and clients facing charges they have no significant expertise to defend against, and then "farming" them out to other attorneys for a fee.

At Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys, we always handle your case personally from day one all the way to the end. We always assign you to a lawyer with deep experience in defending against the charges you are facing and whom we know can be trusted to serve your best interests.

We give you the personal attention you deserve and treat you with respect and dignity. Our goal is to help you in your hour of need. In fact, the only reason our law firm exists is because there are people like you who need our assistance.

We Keep Ourselves Always Available

We at Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys keep our phone lines open 24/7/365, holidays inclusive, to answer your call for help.

No one plans to get arrested or charged with a crime, and it can happen any day of the week at any time of year. We understand that and therefore make sure we are always here to serve you.

Call us anytime 24/7 at 562-308-7807, and we will give you a free, no-obligation legal consultation. We keep everything 100% confidential, and we can begin working on building you a solid defense without delay.

If you prefer an in person consultation, we can accommodate you. Stop by our office for a free criminal defense consultation.